Our approach to youth development integrates academic support and character and professional development opportunities via scholastic and sports based development methods. Our goals are to enhance our students’ academic performance, athletic ability, critical thinking skills, and self-efficacy. We facilitate our objectives through the execution of three enrichment programs, which supports youth between ages 10 to 18. Approximately 80% of our youth will reside in low-income communities, a majority of them will live in high crime neighborhoods, and most will attend economically disadvantaged  public schools. These challenges often effect the academic success and professionalism of vulnerable youth, which often leads to them functioning below their respective grade level proficiency.  We have found that many young men and women raised in these types of environments have a passion for athletics. T.A.S.K. – J. intends to use that passion to overcome the barriers against them, collaborating with a myriad of public and private organizations to create innovative programs.