T.A.S.K. – J.’s goal is to help students improve and strengthen academic performance, individual confidence, and noble motivation. Our objective is to be a leader in student programs that enhance academic, leadership, communication, and other essential skills for success in the 21st century. Our aim is to empower youth and young adults and prepare them for a life of excellence . This will hope to empower them academically, personally, and socially  with their chosen path in life. Our target is to increase the rate of subsequent enrollment into higher education for socially and economically disadvantaged students while also providing the tools and critical thinking skills needed to be leaders for their communities.

We will accomplish this through the facilitation of academic workshops, tutoring, exposure to new communities, life skills training, health and wellness insruction, sports participation, social and cultural activities, and positive mentorship. Through our youth development programs we will collaborate with  Public, Private, and Charter Schools, and other community-based organizations to provide academic, character development, personal and professional enrichment, and athletic opportunities.